Fujifilm Unveils 13 Digital Cameras For PMA Show


Valhalla, N.Y. -

Fujifilm USA

unveiled Tuesday 13 point-and-shoot digital cameras it will be showcasing at the 2010 PMA Show, Feb. 21-23, in Anaheim, Calif.

Most of the models are slated to ship between February and the summer, and all will record high-definition video at a minimum of 1,280 by 720p pixel resolution.

At the entry end of the offerings are two A-series modes, including the AV100 ($99.95 suggested retail) and AX200 ($109). Both are slated for ship to retail in mid-February. The AV100 will be offered in black and silver.

Both models feature 12-megapixel CCD image sensors, high ISO3200 settings for improved low-light shooting, panoramic shooting modes, scene recognition, face detection, natural light mode, digital image stabilization, AA-battery power and 2.7-inch LCD viewscreens.

The AV100 features a 3x Fujinon optical zoom lens, while the AX200 offers a 5x (28mm-140mm) zoom lens.

Fujifilm will offer four models in the step-up J series, all featuring a slimmer form factor, full metal chassis with a brushed-metal finish, and lithium-ion battery power.

The JV100 ($129), which ships is mid-February, features a 12-megapixel CCD sensor, 3x Fujinon optical zoom lens, 2.7-inch LCD screen, ISO3200, face detection, digital image stabilization (DIS), auto scene recognition, moving subject tracking auto-focus, smile shutter, blink-detection mode and one-touch focus lock. The body will measure just 18.8mm thin and will be offered in a choice of black or blue colors.

The JX250 ($159), which will ship at the end of March, offers many of the same features as the JV100, plus 14-megapixel CCD resolution, and 5x (starting at 28mm) Fujinon optical zoom lens. It will be offered in black.

The JZ300 ($199), which will ship in February, offers 12-megapixel resolution, 10x wide-angle (28mm-280mm) Fujinon optical zoom lens, 22mm thin chassis, dual image stabilization (mechanical and digital) and a 2.7-inch LCD screen. Other core features include face detection, tracking auto focus and SR Auto. It will be offered in a choice of silver or black.

The JZ500 ($249) will ship in late March offering 14-megapixel CCD resolution, 10x wide-angle Fujinon optical zoom lens, and the core features of the JZ300, plus face recognition to follow up to eight different people to help sort and recognize images featuring those individuals, in addition to giving them focus and exposure priority in the process of snapping the shot. It also adds pet-detection mode to identify special cats and dogs (based on a database containing 80 percent of the top 20 breeds) and to automatically release the shutter when the animal is looking at the camera during the shot.

In weather-resistant digital cameras, Fujfilm will unveil the XP10 ($199), which will ship at the end of February. It is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet, shock-proof to a drop of 3 feet, dust-proof and freeze-proof to -10 C. 

It features a 12-megapixel CCD, 5x Fujinon periscopic optical zoom (the lens extends vertically inside the camera), 2.7 inch LCD with anti-reflective coating, uni-body stainless-steel 1.8mm-thin chassis, separate movie shutter button, ISO1600 setting, face detection, SR Auto and lithium-ion battery power. It will be available in a choice of silver, black and green.

In the fashion-oriented Z-series camera line, Fujifilm will offer the Z70 and Z700 models, targeted at Gen-Y audiences.

The Z70 ($149) will ship at the end of February offering a 12-megapixel CCD sensor, 2.7-inch LCD screen, Fujinon 5x periscopic optical zoom lens, digital image stabilization, ISO 1600, separate video shutter button, couple and group timer modes powered by face detection in self-timer mode and to simplify uploading images to social-networking sites, and one-touch image tagging with simplified uploading of pictures and videos to Facebook and YouTube through included PC software. The design will feature a 17.9mm-thin metal chassis in a choice of silver, black, blue and pink.

The ZR700EXR ($279), which ships in mid-March, steps up to include Fujifilm's EXR sensor technology offering strong image quality, especially in low-light shooting situations; a selectable sensor mode with settings for high-resolution, dynamic range (to 400 percent) and high sensitivity mode; a 12-megapixel CCD; 5x Fujinon periscopic optical zoom lens; a 16.9mm thin chassis in a choice of black, red and silver; dual image stabilization, face detection and face recognition, SR Auto mode, and pet detection.

It also has a 3.5-inch 460,000-pixel LCD touchpad screen with an interactive interface that offers options for how screen can be set up to look and auto image rotation that is in sync with the movement of the camera.

Users can use the touchscreen to frame the shot, touch on the LCD for the focal point and automatically activate the shutter.

Fujifilm's F-series flagship compact digital camera series was introduced with the latest sensor technologies and enhanced low-light shooting capability.

The F80EXR, which will ship in mid-March at a $299 suggested retail, features a 12-megapixel super CCD EXR sensor, a Fujinon 10x (27mm-270mm) optical zoom lens with Electron Beam Coating (EBC), a 3-inch LCD screen, dual image stabilization, multi-frame technology with Pro Focus Mode for depth-of-field shooting using a synthized image from 3 image bursts, and Pro Low-Light mode using a composite of four separate images for smoother and clear low-light shots. The camera will also feature, auto focus tracking, a Super Intelligent Flash that works even in macro mode, ISO 12,800, dynamic range to 800 percent, lithium-ion battery and a 22.8mm-thick metal chassis.

In the S series, Fujifilm will ship this month the S1800 ($229) and S2950HD ($249), both featuring long-zoom ranges and a SLR-style body design.

The S1800 features a 12-megapixel CCD sensor, a Fujinon 18x wide-angle zoom lens (28mm-504mm), both a 3-inch LCD screen and an electronic viewfinder, sensitivity to ISO6400, dual image stabilization, auto focus tracking, automatic scene recognition (SR Auto), panoramic shooting mode that stitches three images together for one wide-view shot, instant zoom with one button touch, smile and blink detection modes, and AA battery power.

The S2950HD will add to the S1800 feature set an HDMI output.

The highlight of the new offerings will be the HS10 ($499), which will become Fujifilm's first consumer camera to use a CMOS image sensor when it ships in late March. The camera will use a very fast back side illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor offering truer colors and better registration than other imager technologies and 10-megapixel resolution. It will include a Fujinon 30x wide-angle zoom lens (24mm-720mm) with twist style manual zoom operation, 3-inch tilting LCD screen, an electronic viewfinder with an auto-detecting mode that switches from the LCD screen to the EVF when the camera is brought up to the eye, and video capture at 1,920 by 1,080 HD resolution with stereo sound, simultaneous still-frame capture at 2-megapixel resolution out of the movie clips, continuous burst shooting at 10 fps with full resolution at up to 8 frames, high-speed movie mode with slow-motion playback capability, and mini HDMI output.

The HS10 will also feature a multi-motion capture mode that takes five consecutive shots and compiles those shots into one image, showing the full motion of the subject - such as a golf swing. A swing panorama mode will take a burst of continuous shots when sweeping the camera from left to right or moving it up and down to create one wide-view image.

For image stabilization the camera will combine mechanically stabilized CMOS sensor technology, high sensitivity and a multi-frame digital technology to eliminate blurring in shots.

It will include face detection and AA battery power.


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