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Eyefi Adds New Cloud Service

Mountain View, Calif. – Camera connectivity resource Eyefi revealed Thursday a new cloud-linked service it said gives cameras “smartphone-like” image sharing convenience.

The new Eyefi Cloud offering automatically synchronizes photos to mobile devices to view, edit, and manipulate them on and offline.

The Eyefi service automatically takes transfers, organizes, syncs, and shares and image anytime, anywhere for instant access by smartphones, tablets, PCs or smart TVs, the company said.

Eyefi Cloud is a private photo-centric cloud service designed to deliver superior image quality without the time-consuming processes of manually sending images one by one to multiple devices.

Eyefi Cloud, works with the Eyefi Mobi wireless SD card and Eyefi Mobi apps.

The Eyefi Mobi wireless SD memory card for introduced in June 2013 as a device for simple, instant image transfer from digital cameras to mobile devices.

The new Eyefi Cloud service works with it as well as all new mobile apps for iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets.

Together, the Eyefi product line-up “combines camera quality and mobile convenience with the power of the cloud for the over 500 million digital camera owners throughout the world,” the company said.

“Photo lovers know that life’s most important moments should be captured using a digital camera but it’s difficult to access those shots until long after the images are taken,” said Matt DiMaria, Eyefil CEO. “Eyefi Cloud makes those highest-quality shots available within seconds of them being captured, so photographers can immediately enjoy quality images on the beautiful displays of their smartphone, tablet, PC or smart TV.”

The Eyefi Mobi SD memory card begins the image transfer process within milliseconds of a photo being captured on a digital camera.

Images are automatically and securely transferred to Eyefi’s mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Eyefi apps intelligently organize and transfer the images, in full-resolution, to Eyefi Cloud.

For photographers with multiple cameras, Eyefi Cloud automatically merges photos into a single, organized collection.  The entire collection is then available on all connected user’s devices.

For customers that do not wish to transfer images over the Internet, Eyefi also introduced Eyefi Desktop Transfer apps for the PC and Mac platforms.

Eyefi Desktop transfer sends images directly from a digital camera equipped with Eyefi Mobi SD memory card to a PC or Mac without the need for a physical cable.

Transferred images are stored on the user’s PC or Mac in a file location of their choice where they can be enjoyed, edited or archived.

Along with Eyefi Cloud, the company introduced a new logo.

Eyefi Mobi wireless SD memory card pricing begins at $49 for the 8GB edition.  Customers will find the new Eyefi Mobi apps in the Apple app store, Google Play app store and Amazon Kindle app store.

Included with the new apps, is a three-month membership to the Eyefi Cloud once they activate a new account.

Existing Eyefi Mobi card customers can simply download the new apps and receive a three-month membership.

Twelve-month memberships start at $49 for an unlimited number of photos.