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Execs From TWICE’s Parent Co. Among WTC Fatalities

NEW YORK– Two employees of Reed Elsevier’s Cahners group, parent company of TWICE, were among the casualties of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Jeff Mladenik, market development VP, Electronics Division and interim CEO of eLogic, and Andrew Curry Green, business development director of eLogic, were passengers on American Airlines Flight 11, which was in route to Los Angeles from Boston when the plane was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center.

Before joining Cahners in February 1998, Mladenik was marketing and sales VP/network products for Tripp Lite Manufacturing from 1996-98. Prior to that he worked for Toshiba America Electronic Components from 1988-96. He is survived by his wife, Sue, and their four children.

Curry Green joined Cahners in June 2000 and prior to that had worked for more than 11 years directing various software development projects. Most recently, he was a senior account manager at Electronic Press Services Group responsible for the development of Forrester Research’s Web site initiatives. He is survived by his wife, Shannon.

A fund has been established by Cahners to benefit the families of both executives as well as other company employees whose immediate families may have been impacted by the terrorist attack. Contributions can be sent to:

The Cahners Jeffery P. Mladenik and Andrew Curry Green Memorial Fund

c/o Sean T. Keaveny

Corporate Controller

Cahners Business Information

275 Washington Street, 4th Floor

Newton, MA 02458-1630