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Elton John To Star In XM Ad

Washington — Music superstar Elton John will appear in a national TV advertising campaign for XM Satellite Radio, starting Nov. 15.

Following on the heels of the release of Elton John’s new album “Peachtree Road” on Nov. 9, the TV spot will highlight the new XM handheld portable Delphi MyFi.The ad also features the artist’s new hit single “Answer in the Sky.”

Elton John will also be featured in several XM shows, including a new “Liner Notes” series where the performer will introduce and discuss each track on the new album one day before it is released to the public, XM said.

He will also play DJ on a 90-minute XM special called “EJ the DJ” on Nov. 15, 19 and 21. XM said Elton John is also producing “The Complete Elton John,” a 36-hour program where he “personally walks through” every album he has ever made.