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Dynamism Creates Online 3D Shop

Chicago – Dynamism has created an online one-stop-shopping experience for 3D printing products.

The 3D online store section features eight printers and helps with educating consumers on the new technology. This includes an explanation on how 3D printing works, where to get free online designs for download, and a tutorial on the different materials used to create an object with a 3D printer.

The printers for sale start at $299 with the Printrbot Series. Other models are the Type A Machines, $1,689; UP mini, $999; UP Plus 2, $1,749; Cube, $1,299; CubeX, $2,499; Makerbot Replicator 2, $2,199; and the Makertbot Replicator 2x, $2,799.

The site also sells the Leonar3do printing kit for $999 that includes designs and allows consumers to create their own designs.