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Duracell Intros On-The-Go Power Solutions

Bethel, Conn. — Duracell introduced two portable power solutions designed for travelers.

The Duracell My Pocket Charger and the Duracell PowerSource Mini are pocket-sized power sources designed for use with cellphones, BlackBerrys and MP3 players. Each charger comes with two Duracell AA batteries, and the Duracell PowerSource Mini’s lithium-ion battery can be recharged through an AC charger, a vehicle’s DC socket or a USB port.

The My Pocket Charger is offered in two models: one has a connector for MP3 players, and the other has a connector for all BlackBerry models and the newest Motorola phones, said Duracell. Up to 24 hours of music playtime is provided with the first model, and up to one hour of talktime is provided with the second, said the company.

The PowerSource Mini features a mini USB pivot arm that’s meant to let users connect directly to a device without needing a charge cable. A second USB port is meant to power two devices at once.

These products are being introduced through Duracell’s business alliance with Xantrex Technology,

which was announced last year.