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D&M Outlines Its Key A/V Features

Mahwah, N.J. — D&M Holdings will be introducing its new lineup of premium audio and networking products this summer and let TWICE glimpse at its “strategic product direction” for 2007 and going forward.

While not providing specific product details and pricing, Jeff Talmadge, product development and systems integration director for Denon, outlined the goal to “create a centralized component that allows users to do whatever they want with whatever they want and move the content to wherever they want to go.”

The target of D&M’s new products will be for custom installers but also for typical consumers. Its “strategic product direction” deals with these areas:

  • advanced connectivity, networking applications and ease of installation, setup and use;
  •  HD Surround; and
  • custom integration and value-added services.

Talmadge said that it is D&M’s view that the A/V receiver will become the “central, essential component of the connected home.”

(For more on D&M’s key A/V features and a profile of the multi-branded company, visit on Monday, March 12, or read it in Monday’s print edition.)