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Disney Brings HD Movie Purchases To Vudu

Santa Clara, Calif. — Online HD video-distribution service Vudu said Thursday that Disney has released 60 HD films for purchase and additional new HD titles will be made available through the service on the same day the Blu-ray/DVD titles are released.

Vudu said the move marks “the first major studio to broadly license their HD catalog for purchase to any online service.”

Previously the HD versions of th efilms were only available for rental, with limited purchases available on a one-off basis.

“Disney is offering this through Vudu in large part because of the quality of HD that Vudu offers, showing that Disney is a leader among the major studios who are making steady progress toward embracing the digital lifestyle of today’s consumers,” Vudu said in a statement.

Vudu makes HD and SD movies available for download on hard-drive-equipped set-top boxes, starting at $150.