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DirecTV Enhances iPad App

El Segundo, Calif. –


introduced this week its iPad App version 1.5.0 that will enable users to stream
on-demand programming outside the home.

However, streaming content outside the home through the app is
limited to on-demand content from partners HBO, Starz, Encore, Cinemax, and it
will not include live channels.

The direct-to-home satellite company launched in-home streaming
of live TV on an iPad app last fall.

The new version of the app also offers integration with Miso’s
social-TV platform.

To use the new out-of-home function, users go to the “Watch on
iPad” tab located at the bottom right of the iPad app and select Movies, TV
Shows or Networks to start watching now.

To watch live programming (inside the home only) users click on
the Live TV tab.

Users can also view programs recently watched on the iPad and
resume viewing where they left off.

DirecTV said the feature will let subscribers turn their iPads
into a portable TV to watch favorite channels in any room of the house.