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Directed Updates Viper SmartStart iPhone App

Vista, Calif. – Directed Electronics has updated
the security features on its Viper SmartStart iPhone remote car starter, the
company announced Friday.

Users will now receive a push notification if the alarm is
triggered if it’s installed with a Viper security system or combined
security/remote start system. The notification will identify which vehicle was
triggered, and they are backed up by in-app alerts should users miss the

This also covers command errors at the vehicle, Directed said,
and if users try to remote start the vehicle but the override switch is on, the
app will receive a push notification that tells users the command wasn’t
executed. These events are logged on the Alerts tab.

Directed also said that the vehicle image utility has been

The new version of Viper SmartStart, known as v1.5, can be
downloaded from Apple’s App Store. Users who already have the app can click the
Update icon on the App Store icon on the iPhone.