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Directed Settles Omega Dispute

Vista, Calif. — Directed Electronics and Omega Patents announced they have resolved a patent dispute over car security data-bus technology.

Directed has agreed to pay an up-front fee and license Omega’s vehicle data-bus systems.

Omega filed suit against Directed in November 2005 for infringement on four car data-bus patents. A databuses is a mini computer that assist the car alarm in sending codes to the car such as door lock/unlock without the need for complicated wiring.

As part of the settlement, Directed will also license vehicle tracking patents from Omega. The companies have also entered into a long term cross licensing agreement where each will have access to the other’s broad portfolio of car related technology, they said.

Omega Patents is the patent licensing arm for Omega Research, which has supplied car security to distributors for the past 30 years. Ken Flick, president of Omega Patents, said the company owns patents for 167 applications. Flick is also owner of Omega Research.