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A SoundTube Entertainment Case Study: Kissa’s Rooftop Lounge, Mumbai

Kissa, Andheri West, Mumbai
Kissa, Andheri West, Mumbai

In the favorable neighborhood at 641, Gulmohar Society, a lone gem of a restaurant serves tourists and locals with one focus: “stories over food.” Kissa is a contemporary restaurant and pub with a lively, open-air, rooftop lounge space. The restaurant’s upstairs lounge is complete with booths, a full bar, and several tables to enjoy the gorgeous views of the city around it.

When Nemish Parekh from Xpan Solutions was contacted by Kissa, he knew that this was going to be a fantastic audio installation with a concrete focus: creating a relaxing, open space that would be lightly complemented by audio. However, this project had a couple of challenges, ones that Nemish rose to and was able to fit the client’s

Nemish Parekh Xpan Solutions
Nemish Parekh, Xpan Solutions

needs perfectly.

Kissa, Andheri West, Mumbai

Locals and tourists alike enjoy Kissa’s unique dining experience and its heavy focus on patrons engaging in conversation and stories. This focus requires a specific type of atmosphere – one unpolluted by loud music or unpleasant noises. However, psychology tells us that some amount of background noise increases the enjoyment that patrons get out of restaurant spaces – regardless of what type of business is being run.

With this goal in mind, Kissa had decided, like many other businesses, to plan and execute their own makeover of the premises. This would include upgrading the sound system in their rooftop lounge. However, dealing with an open-air space is a significant challenge.

Client’s Needs

The upper rooftop lounge was meant to be a relaxing, conversational place – but also a space where DJs could come and create a high-energy vibe at night. Since the rooftop lounge is open, it was also very important to Kissa that there was minimal sound spillage that would disrupt nearby businesses or residents.

Given the client’s requirements, the system’s sound would need to be well-rounded, powerful enough, directed properly, and somehow contained within the open space of the lounge. This all worked together to create a difficult challenge: one that required some engineering and, most of all, the proper selection of products.

Kissa Lounge, Mumbai with SoundTube RS-EZ pendant speakers
Kissa Lounge, Mumbai with SoundTube RS-EZ pendant speakers

Why SoundTube Entertainment®?

At the heart of the project was the client’s budget. For Nemish, SoundTube’s audio technologies was an ideal solution that fit within the budget – plus, the efficiency of the SoundTube speakers means buying fewer individual speakers to get the job done. With all mounting accessories included with the speakers, it also made the audio installation quicker and much easier.

Nemish decided, based on the client’s specific needs, that SoundTube speakers would be best for this job. Not only would SoundTube’s RS-EZ speakers perfectly direct a budget-friendly, pleasant range of sound, but they would also serve the space – and client – best due to their unique features:

Zero Reflection Enclosure Technology

SoundTube’s patented “Zero Reflection Enclosure” technology uses top-of-the-line techniques to ensure optimal sound reproduction through speakers and maintain cabinet rigidity, regardless of the sound being pumped through the speakers. This was an important consideration, especially since the lounge is in an open-air space.

BroadBeam Waveguide Technology

SoundTube’s “BroadBeam Waveguide” technology was also a strong selling point for Kissa. Both this technology’s ability to produce superior off-axis performance and its remarkable edge-to-edge coverage were important. BroadBeam’s predictable 110° coverage pattern ensured that customers didn’t have to be directly beneath the speaker to hear great sound.

Weatherized Cabinets

Mumbai can experience incredibly serious weather thus having weatherized speakers in outdoor spaces is a must. Internal fluctuations for things like humidity and temperature are minimal and have very little impact on speakers designed for and used indoors.

Outdoors, however, is a completely different story. Having weatherized speakers outdoors is always recommended for both better performance and product longevity.

Product Selection Specifics

Kissa Lounge, Mumbai with SoundTube RS-EZ pendant speakers
Kissa Lounge, Mumbai with SoundTube RS-EZ pendant speakers

Four RS62-EZ Co-Axial Premium Pendants

These four workhorse speakers were all the space needed for optimal sound coverage, due to their consistently smooth high-frequency sound and directional capabilities. Plus, these pendant speakers look terrific with a low-profile and are timbre-matched with the RS1001i-II subwoofers.

Two RS1001i-II Pendant Subwoofers

Since the client was looking for a solution that would give them the ability to host DJs and have rooftop lounge events, Nemish decided that, since the RS1001i-II subwoofer pendants that matched the sound of RS62-EZ pendants were the perfect choice.

Having subwoofers and pendant RS62-EZ speakers meant that they would all need to be brought together to form a coherent sound system in which Nemish decided to use Aerons products for the amplifiers and mixer.


MSE: Specific Solutions for Any Audio Challenges

Kissa Lounge, Mumbai with SoundTube RS-EZ pendant speakersAs we’ve seen with Kissa’s unique needs, MSE’s SoundTube speakers are incredibly versatile and have an unmatched ability to fit seamlessly into any venue and installation. The technology behind each of MSE’s speakers puts them ahead of the competition with easy installation, high performance, and budget consciousness.

Of SoundTube’s products, Nemish said “It is always a pleasure to provide systems to clients that are passionate about sound. We see a clear shift in the market of venues upgrading their system to SoundTube Entertainment.” According to Nemish, he expects that this upgrade will influence Kissa’s business in a very positive manner. After all, a pleasing atmosphere is always a great investment, regardless of what business you’re in.