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Digital Storm Adds UHD Gaming PCs

Fremont, Calif. — PC resource Digital Storm said it is one of the first PC makers to offer Nvidia’s GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti mainstream graphics cards and Nvidia’s new speed burner and flagship — the Titan Black — in its made-to-order desktop gaming PCs.

  The three cards all allow Digital Storm customers to take their gaming to the next level offering 1080p and Ultra HD 4K gaming, respectively. 

“HD gaming is the new standard and Ultra HD is not far behind with 4K displays already available for $800,” said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm’s product development director.  “This is an exciting time for gamers and we’re thrilled to incorporate Nvidia’s new cards into our systems to deliver the stunning graphics and advanced gaming experience our customers demand.”

The GTX 750 and GTX 750Ti both feature the next generation of Maxwell architecture designed specifically for 1080p gaming.  Both cards are said to deliver, smoother, richer, and faster gaming at an affordable prices.

Digital Storm said it offers some of the only gaming systems capable of handling the ultra-powerful GTX Titan Black, which is Nvidia’s new flagship graphics processor designed for 4K Ultra HD gaming.

 Titan Black outperforms the former world’s fastest graphics card, the GTX 780 Ti, and offers 6GB of onboard GDDR5 memory for exceptional 4K gaming, the company said.

The Aventum II, with its supercar-inspired nickel-plated copper piping solution, is said to provide the optimal configuration for the Titan Black, combining three 420mm radiators and a liquid cooling system.

Gamers looking for a small form factor PC (SFF) with Ultra HD graphics will find a solution in the  Digital Storm Bolt II — a liquid-cooled Steam Machine hybrid featuring both Steam OS and Windows, Digital Storm said.

Bolt II is said to offer double the cooling power of competitors’ offerings, while delivering better graphics and performance than other SFF and Steam Machine systems.

All Digital Storm systems undergo 72-hour stress testing, with desktops going through a multi-point quality-assurance inspection covering everything from part fitment to software setup, the company said.