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D&H Offers Online Tools, Info On Tablets


D&H Distributing
is offering online tools and resources
to help its customers become betterversed
in the tablet PC market.

There is information on the different
models, accessories and features of
these units, which come in a diversity
of sizes, prices and operating systems.
D&H said it is “uniquely positioned” to
be a driving force in educating dealers
and retailers about comparative models,
even more so than individual vendors
are currently able to offer on their own.

This market expansion comes in time for
retailers to still take advantage of the backto-
school shopping season, when students
of all ages are purchasing on technology
for their dorms and classrooms.
The ultra-portability, “instant-on” features,
and general “wow” factor associated with
the tablet format makes it an especially
popular item for the youth-oriented education
marketplace, the distributor said.

To help customers become more
familiar with the different tablets, operating
systems and accessories now available, D&H has launched a Tablet Destination web
page accessible via a log-in. The page organizes
a volume of tablet-based merchandise for the
customer’s convenience, including bags and cases,
plus iPad-based and other accessories. Merchandise
is searchable according to vendor, featured devices,
associated accessories, etc., the distributor said.

D&H is supporting such suppliers as Acer, Asus,
Samsung, Toshiba, ViewSonic, Coby, Archos and other
tablet makers, both established and emerging. Sizes
and functionality of the new inventory span from PDAlike,
4.3-inch touchscreens at more aggressive price
points, to high-performance, 10-inch-plus units whose
capabilities more approach a netbook or laptop.

“The mobility market has been a high point on the IT
landscape for years, and tablets are driving the trend,”
said Jeff Davis, sales senior VP at D&H. “The industry has
been waiting for selection to grow in this format, bringing
a healthy variety to the buying public for a very in-demand
category. Retailers should take advantage of the timing
of these summer launches, by marketing tablets as an essential
piece of electronics for the new season.”

Among the tablets D&H is carrying are the Samsung
Galaxy Tab, Tegra 2, Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Eee Pad
Transformer, Lenovo IdeaPad K1, Toshiba Thrive, AOC
Breeze, ViewSonic Vpad7, ViewPad 10Pro, ViewBook
and Coby Kyros MID10244G.