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DH Labs Adds Audiophile Cables

– DH Labs is introducing a host of cable products for both the audiophile and
home theater markets at the Venetian during International CES in Suite 30-312.

The White Lightning Interconnect is the newest high-end, lowest
priced cable product from DH Labs that uses an air foam dielectric, pure copper
conductors and gold with Teflon connectors.

The new White Lightning cable is ultra clear and uncolored as any
on the market, yet intended for the budget conscious audiophile.  The suggested retail price is $49.99 for a 1
meter pair.

DH Labs will also show its HC (High Conductivity) Alloy
connectors, which are 99.3 percent pure copper and 0.6 percent other metals
added as hardeners for strength and durability. The conductivity of the HC
Alloy is 93 percent and almost 5 times that of a typical brass connector, the
company claimed.

Suggested retail pricing was not available at press time.