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Deltathree Intros Retail VoIP Kit

New York — VoIP reseller Deltathree announced today a new initiative to land retail distribution for its residential iConnectHere VoIP service.

The company is offering a “Broadband Phone Starter Kit” for a suggested $60 to compete against offerings from Vonage, AT&T and 8×8. The package will bundle a Linksys PAP2 terminal adapter and instructions for signing up for the service, in addition to a $60 mail-in rebate. is the first national retailer to offer the kit.

According to a Deltathree spokesperson, the company is offering retailers a 12 percent to 16 percent recurring commission from the revenue for the lifetime of the customer, in addition to a hardware margin.

“With broadband penetration in the U.S. expected to exceed 50 percent of homes within the next few years, broadband phone kits will be in increasing demand and represent a strong growth segment for retailers,” said Dov Yarkoni, consumer group director, iConnectHere.

The company’s calling plans include the iCall North America plan with 800 anytime minutes to the United States and Canada for $15.99 per month. An iCall World plan includes 1,000 minutes to the United States and Canada, plus 250 minutes of international calling for $24.99 per month.