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Dell Unveils Gaming PC

Dell introduced burst of products at the International CES, including a new desktop gaming PC, notebook powered by Intel’s latest processor and a 30W-inch PC monitor

The introductions were made during Michael Dell’s Industry Insider address on Jan. 5 at International CES.

The Limited Edition XPS 600 Renegade, shipping in the first quarter, will take over as Dell’s flagship gaming platform.

“Gamers make up about 20 percent of all PC users. That means about 40 million people care about things like graphics,” Dell said.

The XPS 600 has four Nvidia graphic processor units on a single card, an Intel 4.26GHz dual-core processor and can be equipped with dual hard drives. Jen Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, who joined Dell onstage for the event, said the graphics card holds 1.3 billion transistors, has a 2GB dedicated frame buffer and can render 41 gigapixels per second. The chassis is bright red and is covered with air-brushed flames. Dell called the PC a better gaming platform then a TV console because a PlayStation or Xbox is static, unlike a PC that can be continuously upgraded as better technology becomes available.

Shipping and pricing were not available.

The new Inspiron notebook, shipping this week at an undisclosed price, will feature Intel’s latest dual-core processor.

Dell also showed a prototype called the XPS Mobile Concept notebook. It falls between a desktop PC and a desktop replacement notebook in that it has several features from both categories. The all-in-one design resembles a desktop in that it incorporates a 20W-inch display with a 12 millisecond response time, yet it folds up like a notebook. However, the concept’s 17-pound weight makes it less portable then a conventional notebook.

Dell said the concept can include Blu-ray Disc drive when they become available and it uses the Microsoft Media Center Edition operating system. This model is still in development and while it does not have a ship date it is on Dell’s product road map.

The Dell UltraSharp 30W-inch monitor is intended for the very high end gamer market and professionals. Dell executives said 30 inches is about as wide a screen size as they expect to see in the desktop computer market. Previously, the company’s largest monitor measured 24 inches.

The 30W has a 700:1 contrast ratio, 11 millisecond response rate and can show 4.1 million pixels, an amount almost double what is normally found on an HDTV, Dell said. While it is HDTV ready the unit does not have an integrated TV tuner of any type.