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Dash Begins Order Taking at CES

San Diego – Dash Navigation said it will begin taking consumer orders for its new two-way connected personal navigation device (PND) at the International CES in early January.

The Dash device would be the first “always connected” PND that not only delivers traffic updates but also monitors a user’s road speed and broadcasts it to other Dash users, so each user becomes a traffic “probe” and contributes to the traffic reports.

Dash calls the device, Dash Express, a GPS/Internet appliance for the car with Wi-Fi and a cellular modem. It will also have features such as ability to perform wireless Yahoo! Local Web searches from the car.

The device is expected to carry a price of $500 to $600 and a service fee in the range of $10 to $15 per month. A full scale retail launch is planned for spring, following the company’s decision to delay the launch from the fourth quarter 2007.

At a Web 2.0 conference today, Dash demonstrated the ability to custom configure point of interest “buttons” for the Dash. Users might create a button for all of the yoga studio in Los Angeles, as an example.

It also demonstrated an API-level connection to Zillow, a Web site that allows searches of the property value of any address or, a community event site. This does not signify that the upcoming Dash device will offer native capability to link to these sites, although Dash similarly demonstrated the ability to perform Yahoo! Local searches, which has since become an out-of-the box feature.