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Dana Rolls Out Multiple Products At CEDIA Expo


Three Dana Innovations companies
— Sonance, Trufig and iPort — rolled out new
products here at the CEDIA Expo.

Sonance has five new Invisible series speakers,
which feature drivers covered by a flat radiating surface
that in turn butts up against drywall to become
part of the wall itself and painted to disappear from
view. With the new models, Sonance redesigned
the entire lineup to improve performance and deliver
high-quality sound even when installers cover the
panels with wallpaper, plaster or any material that is
an eighth of an inch or less, said marketing director
Simon Wehr.

The redesign improves treble and midrange accuracy
and imaging, and bass response goes deeper,
Wehr said.

The new Invisible speakers, due to ship in January,
come with extruded-aluminum frame, depth adjustment
shims, shallow mounting depth and optional back box.
They include the IS2 two-way speaker, IS4 three-way,
IS4 SST single stereo speaker, IS4C 70-volt speaker,
and the ISW woofer. Pricing hasn’t been set.

In more traditional in-wall subwoofers, Sonance
is adding a third model, this one designed to simplify
retrofit installations. The Cinema Series In-Wall
SUB 10-250 RETRO features integrated cabinet
that fits directly into a drywall cutout or recess in a
concrete or brick wall.

The Retro sub is packaged with companion with
outboard Class D amplifier at a suggested $2,500.
Each amp can drive two subs. One amp with one
subwoofer delivers subwoofer response down to
34Hz with 105dB of output at one meter. An amp
driving two subs delivers 110dB of output at one

In its Landscape speaker series, Sonance has
begun shipping the $3,400-suggested LS12SUB in-ground 12-inch subwoofer, which joins a 10-inch inground
subwoofer as well as two two-way landscape
satellite speakers. The satellites are shaped like aimable
outdoor lights that can be mounted in the ground or
hung on trees.

Trufig has a wider selection of flush-mount installation
kits to include iPads and a greater variety of other-brand
touchscreens. The company is also adding HVAC kits
and HVAC grilles to its selection. All are shipping.

The HVAC grilles, which are available in four different
sizes and four different patterns, can be installed onplane
with a wall or ceiling and offers a smaller footprint
than traditional wall-mounted grilles, the company said.

For iPads, Trufig is launching a Control Mount for
iPad, enabling in-wall mounting of an iPad for use as a
Wi-Fi-enabled home-control interface and as a homeinformation
center. Via Wi-Fi with the iPad’s new iOS
5, users can also sync their iPad with their PC’s iTunes
application right from the wall, Wehr noted.

iPort unveiled what it calls the world’s first inductive
charging and mounting system for the iPad 2. The
LaunchPort system comes in tabletop and wall-mount
versions, each letting users rotate the iPad 360 degrees.

The system, due in the fourth quarter, consists of the
$149-suggested PowerShuttle sleeve, which is held in
place magnetically to the $199 tabletop BaseStation
and $199 wall-mounted WallStation. As with the Trufig
kit for iPad, the iPad can be used as a Wi-Fi-enabled
home-control interface or as a home information center.