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Creative Adopts Zen’s Ascetic Philosophy

Milipitas, Calif. — Creative Labs dropped the price of previously announced HDD MP3 portables following Apple’s launch of lower price iPod Minis.

All of Creative’s new Zen Micros are compatible with subscription-based WMA downloads and come in a choice of 10 colors.

The new Zen Micro 4GB MP3, previewed at International CES, is now priced at a suggested $179, after $20 mail-in rebate — down from the previously announced price of $229. Apple’s new 4GB Mini is a suggested $199.

The new 6GB Zen Micro is a suggested $249, down from a previously announced $299. A new 6GB iPod Mini is also $249. Creative’s current 5GB Micro has been repriced to $229 from $249.

Said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO, “With the introduction of the Zen Micro 4GB MP3 player at … $179, we offer superior features and more than twice the song capacity of the 4GB iPod Mini at a substantially better price.”

Zen Micro features include 12-hour replaceable rechargeable battery, FM radio and recorder, and voice recorder.

The Creative Zen Micro 4 GB and Zen Micro 6GB MP3 players can be preordered at Creative’s Web site.