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CompUSA To Add Mitsubishi HDTVs

CompUSA has selected Mitsubishi as a core supplier of rear-projection and flat-panel HDTVs.

The new relationship launches this week with the introduction of a 52W-inch 1,080p DLP set (model WD-52627). In addition two rear-projection LCD models, the 52W-inch WD-52526 and the 62W-inch WD-62526, will be offered and the rollout will hit 213 of CompUSA’s 240 stores.

Flat-panel models are expected to follow, although it wasn’t immediately clear if they would include plasma and/or LCD displays.

“We intend to partner with Mitsubishi in a significant way,” said Larry Mondry, CompUSA’s president/CEO. “We learned that our customers want new technology, and brands they’re comfortable with.”

The pact is part of a “substantial expansion” by the IT chain into HDTV in anticipation of the analog cutoff in 2009, Mondry told TWICE. CompUSA may even scale back some of its IT offerings to make room for the new initiative, the CEO said.