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Commodore Sets Sail Again

The Commodore brand, known for helping launch the home-PC business in the early 1980s, has resurfaced on a trio of compressed-music portables offered by Yeahronimo Media Ventures, which purchased the Commodore name from Dutch computer maker Tulip Computers.

The company, which promises the name will appear on other types of electronics products, also operates an authorized music-download site called CommodoreWorld and markets download-site infrastructure.

The three devices are available on and will be available to retailers in the second quarter, the company said.

The three models are the $299 20GB HDD eVic and the flash-memory Mpet II, available in 256MB and in a $139 512MB version. They play protected-WMA, MP3 and WAV files, and record WAV and MP3 files. The HDD model also plays OGG files. The three devices also store data files such as digital pictures.