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Comcast, Best Buy Expand HD Cable Program

Philadelphia – Cable television multi system operator Comcast said it will expand its HDTV retail program with Best Buy to four additional markets including Baltimore; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN. and Washington, D.C.

Previously, Best Buy and Comcast have been selling HDTV cable services in Philadelphia-area markets.

A total of 31 Best Buy stores will sell digital-ready HDTV sets and Comcast Digital Cable service, the retailer said. A $79.99 sales activation kit with a $250 value is offered free to customers who purchase an HDTV set and agree to activate Digital Cable service from Best Buy.

The kit includes free service installation, two months of free HBO, Showtime and several Pay-Per-View movie coupons. It is valid for new Comcast Digital Cable customers, including those upgrading from Comcast analog cable.

‘A retail environment enables interactive demonstration of the combined power of HDTV and Digital Cable,’ said Chris Caffrey, Comcast retail sales vice president. ‘Customers are more likely to purchase advanced equipment and service if they can see how the service can enrich their home entertainment experience.’

Customers also can sign up for Comcast Digital Cable as a standalone service for $29.99 at Philadelphia-area Best Buy stores. The Comcast service Activation Kit includes free service installation, one month of free HBO and Showtime and several Pay-Per-View coupons.

Current Comcast HD programming includes ABC, NBC, HBO and Showtime, and as of February 15th, Comcast SportsNet signals have been carried in HDTV throughout the Philadelphia market.

‘The retail channel will continue to play an important role as technology and content evolves and as we continue introductions of advanced services such as video-on-demand,’ said Caffrey.

‘Based on the success of this program and our commitment to educating customers about our advanced services, Comcast is well-positioned for future growth in retail.’