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Collective Push Promotes Ultra HD Awareness

NEW YORK – An Ultra HD holiday season may be in the making if a spate of recent collective multi-industry 4K promotional efforts is successful at piquing consumer interest in the technology that promises four times better video resolution.

Sony, Sony Pictures and Best Buy are taking leadership positions in the recent activies, with Samsung, LG Electronics and National CineMedia (NCM) each adding their collective clout to different aspects.

In one effort, Best Buy, in concert with LG, Samsung and Sony are conducting a comprehensive 13-week Ultra HD TV consumer awareness campaign to help drive adoption.

The effort, dubbed “Believing Begins Here,” was developed with input from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and will include Best Buy-driven TV ads, digital marketing, buyers’ guides and educational videos.

The centerpiece of the program are in-store demonstrations at 50 Best Buy locations in 11 major markets nationwide, to be held each Saturday from Aug. 9 through Nov. 1 at 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

In a separate effort announced Aug. 14, Best Buy, Sony Electronics Sony Pictures and National CineMedia are presenting a 30-sec. 4K promotional video on 3,600 screens in AMC and Regal Entertainment Group theaters through Sept. 25.

The promotional spot, which runs through Sept. 25, will appear as part of NCM’s FirstLook movie preshow and includes select outtakes from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”