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Cobra Bows ’07 CE Mobile Line

Cobra Electronics is introducing its line of mobile navigation, two-way radio and radar detector products this week during International CES. The company can be found in the Central Hall at booth 9841.

The NAV ONE is a portable plug-and-go mobile navigation system that is ready to use out of the box, the company said. The real-time traffic option provides up-to-the-minute traffic information in 49 major metropolitan areas with rerouting options and four color-coded levels of traffic flow, ranging from light traffic to stopped traffic to help drivers escape from traffic incidents and congestion, according to the company.

Accessible with one touch, Cobra’s exclusive My Favorite Brands feature stores over 600 brands in categories such as restaurants, large retail chains and coffee shops providing drivers easy access to their favorite destinations. There is also a choice of 2D and 3D maps, 14 levels of map zoom, and multiple sky backgrounds offer drivers enhanced viewing options and an SD expansion slot for future feature expansion, Cobra said.

The suggested retail for the NAV ONE 2100 is $349, with the optional traffic receiver at $99.95 and a traffic service subscription fee of $59.99 a year.

Cobra is introducing lithium-ion GMRS two-way radios, giving users more power in a smaller package. The models and the suggested retails are: the LI 7000-2 WX VP (two-pack retailing for $89.99), LI 6500 WX VP (two-pack retailing for $79.99) and LI 4900 WX VP (two-pack retailing for $69.99).

The GMRS two-way radios come with up to 25-mile (LI 7000), 20-mile (LI 6500) and 18-mile (LI 4900) ranges, with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes (38 CTCSS/83 DCS) for a total of 2,662 privacy combinations. There is a 10-channel NOAA all-hazards alert radio warns of weather, chemical and other civilian emergencies and a memory to allow users to program up to 10 channels or channel/privacy code combinations for instant retrieval.

Other features include VOX hands-free operation which enables the radio to recognize when a person is speaking and automatically begin transmitting, freeing hands for other tasks and VibrAlert provides a silent alert for incoming calls, Cobra said.

Cobra’s 2007 line of radar products includes a radar/laser detector paired with a GPS locator, warning drivers of fixed red light and speed camera location databases. The discreet design and patented IntelliMute feature answer drivers’ three biggest concerns: theft, detectability and falsing.

In addition, the R7 and R9G IntelliLink remote controlled detectors offer S-XRS Maximum Performance 12 band technology, ensuring the detection of the fastest radar and laser guns, including POP Mode, the company said.

Model numbers and pricing: XRS R9G is $449, XRS R7 is $349, XRS9930 is $229, XRS9830 is $209, XRS9730 is $189, XRS9630 is $169, XRS9530 is $149, XRS9430 is $119, and XRS9330 is $99.95.