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CES: An Evolutionary, Revolutionary Event

Happy New Year, and if you are like most of TWICE’s loyal readers, welcome to the 2014 International CES here in Las Vegas.

As usual, TWICE’s staff has worked on this special CES edition of TWICE, as well as the Official Daily of CES, during the holiday season and has had an early peek at the many and varied new products and technologies that will be unveiled during this week.

From that perspective, I always love it when some pundits say, “There are no new products at CES!” That reminds me of Yogi Berra’s quip about a popular Italian restaurant in his hometown of St. Louis: “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

Well, Vegas will be crowded this week due to CES — probably 140,000 or so attendees and 3,000 or so exhibitors – and they aren’t there just to gamble or go to shows.

People from the CE industry — heck, from several industries, — Washington and overseas make this annual trek to Vegas to experience the technology, innovation and buzz that permeates CES every year.

And the 2014 introductions will be evolutionary and revolutionary.

Ultra HD will garner plenty of attention and headlines as top TV manufacturers introduce more models in larger sizes, with more features.

There will be more smartphones and tablets available in 2014 than ever before, if the news we received prior to CES is to be believed. And in both cases, suppliers are not looking to butt heads with Apple or Samsung directly. They have taken a look at niche markets and will be introducing products for specific demographics.

3D printing, which has been on the industry’s radar and in the media for a while, will be front and center with several suppliers introducing mainstream consumer products for the first time.

And individual companies are going to be making major “statements” at the show. For instance, days before the show Voxx told TWICE it would be introducing a 360-degree camera that was developed exclusively for the company by Carnegie Mellon University.

Roku is introducing a new TV platform that will initially be used by TCL and Hisense, which will provide consumers with its library of more than 1,200 streaming apps via TV. Roku’s goal is to become, in effect, the standard for smart TVs, so more news from the company should be forthcoming.

2014 may be described as the “year of the smart watch” based on the number of introductions at this year’s show.

And I haven’t even mentioned a new effort by top CE makers to introduce new components capable of playing high-resolution audio via the Hi-Res Experience TechZone here at CES; Dish rolling out more Joeys for its Hopper whole-home DVR line; and the variety of health and fitness, as well as fashion, electronics that will be on display.

That’s only some of the highlights. To catch what’s being introduced at CES, read this special issue of TWICE, visit and our social-media sites, and if you are in Vegas, pick up copies of the Official CES Daily, which is published by TWICE.

Have a great show and a profitable 2014!