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Ceiva Intros Broadband Digital Frame

New York — Ceiva announced a new broadband-ready digital frame, the Ceiva 3 Digital Photo Receiver, which will join the company’s existing Ceiva 2 on the market

The Ceiva 3 connects to an ordinary phone line or can work with an optional broadband adapter ($24.99) for connecting the unit to a broadband modem. Once connected, the frame can receive images daily, up to 30 an hour and up to 700 every day, from a user’s Ceiva PicturePlan account or through a camera phone running the Ceiva Mobile application.

Users can control which images are displayed on the frame and the frequency of the updates on Ceiva’s Web site.

The frame features a resolution of 640 by 480 and an 8.2-inch LCD screen with two interchangeable frames, one silver finish and the other black.

Purchasers of the frame must also subscribe to the company’s PicturePlan service to retrieve and display images from the Web. In addition to digital images, the frame can display news, local weather forecasts, sports and other content delivered via the Web through Ceiva.

The frame is shipping now for a suggested retail price of $129.95.