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CEA Urges TV Recycling After DTV Transition

Arlington, Va. — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) issued a statement today that urges consumers to safely dispose of their unused analog TVs.

The missive is a follow-up to the recent digital TV transition, which took place June 12.

CEA said it has a list of manufacturer and retailer-led electronics take-back and recycling programs on its Web site. The site also provides a searchable database of electronics recyclers by ZIP code.

“TVs do not belong in the trash,” said Parker Brugge, CEA’s environmental affairs VP, in the statement. “Consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers have worked diligently to provide the public with access to easy and convenient recycling options, as have many state and local governments. Consumers play a critical role in making sure that electronics products are recycled responsibly.

“Although CEA research suggests that the recent DTV transition alone will not result in a significant increase in the number of televisions removed from homes across the U.S., it’s still important to remind consumers of what to do when they are ready to get rid of a television,” said Brugge.