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CEA Sponsors ‘Trolling Effects’ Website

Arlington, Va. – The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is sponsoring the new “Trolling Effects” website to fight against patent trolls.

The website allows patent troll demand letter recipients to post the documents online, find letters received by others, and research exactly who is really behind these threats, CEA said.

Gary Shapiro, president/CEO of CEA, commented on this in a statement, “Research reveals that abuses in the patent litigation industry are costing innovators more than $80 billion annually in direct and indirect costs. By stripping away the secrecy that allows patent trolls to thrive, Trolling Effects will allow innovators to respond more strategically and effectively to patent troll threats.”

He added, “We thank the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for spearheading this important project. Initiatives like Trolling Effects – coupled with smart legislation from Congress – promise an end to the patent troll plague and allow entrepreneurs to innovate without constant threat of frivolous lawsuits.”