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CEA Praises Energy Star 6.0 TV Standard

Arlington, Va. — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) Friday issued a statement of support for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) upcoming version 6.0 Energy Star television and display specifications, which will take effect June 1.

“We congratulate the EPA for developing new television and display specifications that keep pace with our rapidly evolving and global industry,” said Gary Shapiro, CEA president and CEO. “The consumer electronics industry has been committed to Energy Star since its inception in 1992 because it’s an effective, market-oriented program that increases energy efficiency while protecting innovation and consumer choice. These programs work largely because they don’t rely on restrictive regulations that cannot keep pace with a high-tech industry that is constantly progressing. In fact, improvements in television energy efficiency are unmatched by any other product category in the home, thanks to innovation, consumer demand, product convergence and programs like Energy Star.”

The association said the amount of power needed per unit of screen size fell 63 percent for LCD TVs between 2003 and 2010, and fell 41 percent for plasma TVs between 2008 and 2010.

The CEA attributed the gains to the success of the Energy Star program combined with technological innovation and intense industry competition. Televisions that meet Energy Star’s requirements are, on average, 40 percent more energy efficient than conventional models, saving American viewers and gamers a total of $3.5 billion per year on their energy bills, according to the EPA.