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CEA Offers Energy-Saving Tips

Arlington, Va. — Recognizing that Friday is the first official day of summer, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is offering five tips to help families save money by saving electricity this summer.

“Today’s electronics are more energy efficient than ever, a welcome benefit of the trend towards smaller, more technologically sophisticated products,” said CEA’s Parker Brugge, environmental affairs and corporate sustainability VP. “The combination of energy-efficient design by manufacturers and energy-conscious usage by consumers goes a long way toward saving energy, especially during the summer months when power consumption typically spikes.”

The group suggests:

  • purchasing energy-efficient appliances and products bearing the EPA’s Energy Star label on their packaging;
  • implementing automated technology such as a programmable thermostat to control electricity and air conditioning;
  • reading owner’s manuals “to ensure you are taking full advantage of all the energy-conservation capabilities available with your electronic devices;”
  • unplugging electronic devices like televisions, DVD players, computers and cellphone battery chargers when they are not being used because many of these devices continue to draw power when even when they are turned off or not in use; and
  • using power strips to make it easy to turn off multiple electronic devices at once.