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CEA Asks For More Broadband Spectrum

Washington — The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to open up an additional 200MHz of broadband spectrum as part of its National Broadband Plan.

In a document presented to the FCC, the CEA asked the National Broadband Plan allocate at least 200MHz of additional spectrum for use by advanced wireless services, while making sure it does not inadvertently hinder innovation. The CEA recommended the FCC and NTIA each identify 100MHz of spectrum that could be repurposed for consumers and businesses.

The CEA also called on the FCC to maintain an environment that would advance competition and broadband deployment by stimulating investment in a high-speed broadband infrastructure. In addition, the industry organization called for minimal regulation of the broadband market.

The CEA’s last point asked the FCC to help preserve an “open Internet” across both wired and wireless platforms. Service providers should be allowed some flexibility to manage their networks, but also give consumers unfettered access to lawful applications, content and services and the ability to use devices of their choice as long as they do not cause harm to t