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Case Logic Bows Branding Effort During CES

Case Logic is redoing itself — from logo and packaging to a new consumer-focused image.

The portable storage maker, set to be unveiled at CES today, will be promoting an entirely new credo built around the slogan, “What’s Inside Survives.”

This idea combines the Longmont, Colo.-based company’s “functional roots in developing solid, well designed products, with the emotional need consumers have to keep their possessions safe and secure,” said John Rauvola, VP/sales, marketing and product development.

“It tells the compelling story that Case Logic protects not only valuable CDs, computers and cameras, but also the treasured memories and passions they represent,” said Rauvola. Recent years of stiff industry competition prove that companies, which develop emotional ties with the consumer — through strong, recognizable brands — are better positioned to thrive, he said.

At the cornerstone of the Case Logic identity metamorphosis is a bright new logo standing for innovation. Made of a “C” and an “L,” the distinctive face and light bulb motif is designed to add personality to Case Logic products and marketing materials, said the company. The logo is colored in vibrant yellow, black and white.

The new Case Logic packaging, which will be shipping in March, is designed to communicate quiet warmth through strong, heroic illustrations of men and women holding or using a variety of consumer electronics accessories, with the What’s Inside Survives slogan sitting boldly in the lower left-hand corner.

Case Logic — which designs, sources, markets and distributes lifestyle-oriented storage and organizational accessories products for the audio, computer, DVD, photo-video and automotive categories — is introducing the TRICK line of fashion audio accessories products here at CES.

TRICK, an acronym for trendy, rugged, innovative, clever and “kool,” features everything from beaded CD carriers to purple suede, orange holograms and blue swirling dragons, said the company.