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Canon Sees Stars With New D-SLR

Lake Success, N.Y. — Canon added another digital SLR to its stable, taking aim at celestial observers with the EOS 20Da.

The high-end camera will retail in July for an estimated $2,199. It joins the EOS 20D on the market. According to Canon, the new iteration shares all the features of the 8-megapixel 20D but with some tweaks to improve its performance in astrophotography.

Those tweaks include a 1.8-inch live preview LCD and a modified low-pass filter optimized to help photograph the clear night sky. The camera can be used for conventional photography by mounting an optional filter on the lens in use.

The 20Da also offers noise reduction for long exposures, in addition to a custom setting which can be set for noise reduction.

The camera mounts to a telescope via a T-mount.