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Canon Reveals `Mixed Reality’ Headset

Melville, N.Y. – Canon is taking 3D to a new dimension called mixed-reality (MR), by using a special head gear display to mix 3D images into real-world surroundings.

Called MREAL, the system uses a head-mounted display and software to create the illusion that computer-generated visuals exist within the real surroundings.

The technology simultaneously merges virtual objects with the real world, at full scale and in three dimensions.

Canon sees initial applications for the MREAL in the professional design and technology development fields. The company said industries including manufacturing, aerospace and entertainment could benefit from the capability.

The headset display uses video cameras located in front of each eye, which capture real-world video that is then sent to a computer.

Using image processing and directional-sensor data, the computer-generated graphics and the real world are combined and displayed on small monitors inside the head-mounted display.

The optical system enlarges the video displayed on the small monitors to create “high-impact, three-dimensional images.”

Canon said MREAL “brings users to a 3D world where they can interact with virtually any given scene, landscape, environment or object. Designers can closely examine how components manufactured at different locations are expected to come together, or see how light will reflect off the interior trim of a car. Users can view intricate details of the 3D image from almost any angle.”