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B&O Unveils BeoVision 9

Arlington Heights, Ill. — Design-centric A/V equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen unveiled a 50-inch BeoVision 9 plasma TV and home cinema package featuring the company’s “Automatic Colour Management” technology that is said to offer richer, more natural colors over the life of the plasma screen.

“We are very eager to extend our Automatic Colour Management technology to our flagship plasma and renowned home entertainment solution, BeoVision 9,” stated Zean Nielsen, B&O president. “With its digital surround sound capabilities, integrated loudspeaker featuring an acoustic lens, full high-definition picture quality and now Automatic Colour Management, we believe BeoVision 9 will set a new standard in home theater offerings and provide our customers the quintessential sound and picture experience.”

Bang & Olufsen said the Automatic Colour Management technology adjusts the color temperature of the plasma screen to compensate for the effects of phosphor aging, which over time causes a shift in the white level — resulting in an increasingly yellow picture.

When activated, a short robotic arm carrying a camera swings down from the upper part of the frame to analyze a test picture. The system measures color temperature in the white and black areas and makes adjustments as needed for color balance.

The system is “routinely activated after every 120 hours of use, but can also be activated manually,” B&O said.

The BeoVision 9 also adjusts brightness, color and contrast picture settings according to its placement and the lighting conditions in the room. To accomplish this, an optical sensor on the top of the frame measures ambient room lighting then automatically dims or brightens the image for optimal viewing conditions.

The flagship product also features a built-in center channel speaker with acoustic lens, and includes digital surround sound capabilities. An integrated Beosystem 3 system integrator is included.

The BeoVision 9 system, which will carry a $19,900 suggested retail, will be available in July in silver frame/silver speaker cover and silver frame/black speaker cover combinations. Additional color options for the frame include red, blue, black and dark gray and will be available in the late summer.