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BlueAnt Launches Voice-Controlled B’tooth Headset

San Francisco — BlueAnt Wireless has launched its V1 Bluetooth headset, a fully voice-controlled Bluetooth headset.

The V1 features BlueGenie Voice Interface and the company’s proprietary Voice Isolation Technology.

The BlueGenie Voice Interface, from Sensory, is designed to allow users to control their headset with voice commands rather than pressing multiple buttons or looking at the phone. Unlike other headsets that only support voice-dial capabilities through a mobile phone’s voice features, the V1’s voice control is embedded in the headset itself, BlueAnt said, and the V1 lets users control all headset features such as pairing, volume and connection status using only their voice.

Other features include a lightweight form factor that can clip to a shirt or tie, Comply foam tips, rubber ear gels, dual microphones, three charging options and the ability to pair with up to eight Bluetooth devices. It lists a talktime of five hours with 200 hours of standby time.

Suggested retail is $129. It is scheduled to be available by the end of this month.