Black Friday Tops For Shoppers: Survey

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Los Angeles - A majority of shoppers believe they will get the best deals of the holiday season on Black Friday, a new survey shows, although only slightly more than half said they are motivated by price.

In a poll of 1,839 online shoppers by comparison shopping site PriceGrabber, 61 percent believe Thanksgiving weekend has the best shopping deals compared with the rest of the holiday period.

Of those, 86 percent believe the best deals are to be found on Black Friday, while only 33 percent of the online shoppers expect the lowest prices to be offered on so-called Cyber Monday.

The Saturday following Black Friday came in a distant third, with only 17 percent of the group anticipating the lowest sales of the season.

Not surprisingly, 68 percent of respondents will make purchases over Thanksgiving weekend, with 43 percent planning to shop on Black Friday. Thirty-seven percent plan to shop on Cyber Monday, and 25 percent plan to shop on the Saturday after Black Friday, the survey showed.

Interestingly, only 56 percent of those planning to shop on Black Friday cited getting the best prices as one of the reasons. Twenty-seven percent said that Black Friday shopping is a tradition with family and friends, and cited that as another reason they shop the day after Thanksgiving.

PriceGrabber commissioned the survey to determine if consumers consider retailers' Black Friday sales events marketing hype or a genuine opportunity to purchase products at a significant savings.

The survey also showed that 36 percent of consumers plan to use their mobile phones for shopping-related activities this holiday season. Of this 36 percent, 32 percent plan to shop from their mobile phones on Black Friday. Sixteen percent plan to shop from their mobile phones on Cyber Monday, and 10 percent will shop from their mobile devices on Thanksgiving Day.

Of the 36 percent of shoppers who plan to shop from their mobile phones this holiday season, 28 percent said they plan to purchase phone content such as ringtones, apps, music and video clips, 24 percent plan to purchase clothing, and 23 percent plan to purchase consumer electronics and books. Computers, laptops and other related IT equipment will be purchased from mobile phones by 21 percent of shoppers, respondents indicated.

"Mobile phones will play a vital role in Black Friday shopping this year," said PriceGrabber president Laura Conrad. "We expect to see consumers comparing prices, searching for coupons and making purchases from their mobile phones while shopping from their homes and in brick-and-mortar stores on Black Friday."

Conrad said mobile shoppers will likely also "arm themselves" for Black Friday shopping with comparison shopping applications, including PriceGrabber's own apps for the iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.  "The most successful Black Friday retailers will be those that demonstrate the most value to consumers, not just in their own store but when compared with other brick-and-mortar and online retailers," she said.


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