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Belkin Adds Boingo To Skype Phone

Compton, Calif. — Belkin will ship a Wi-Fi Skype phone capable of placing calls over Boingo’s network of hot spots, the company said today.

The $179 phone will be the first Wi-Fi Skype phone capable of placing calls over subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspots. Existing Wi-Fi Skype phones can only access free hotspots and home networks.

Users who subscribe to the Boingo Mobile Unlimited plan for $7.95 per month will be able to place Skype calls from the 60,000-plus hot spots run by the company.

The handset supports all of Skype’s calling features, including SkypeIn/Out, voicemail and call logs. Consumers can set access-point profiles or use a WLAN finder to locate available networks. It supports WPA and WPA2 security.