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BBE Targets MP3-Playing Cellphones

Huntington Beach, Calif. – BBE Sound is targeting the cellular phone market for the first time with an audio post-processing technology targeted specifically for use in MP3-playing cellphones.

The technology, called BBE M3, is said to improve the sound quality of compressed music while requiring “minimal memory size and MIPS rate” and having “little impact” on battery life. It works with any compressed-audio codec.

M3 consists of three BBE technologies. BBE High Definition delivers clearer and more detailed high frequencies and defined, harmonically rich lows, the company said. MME MP regenerates harmonics from the source material to “recover warmth, detail and nuance,” and BBE ViVA HD3D enhances imaging without affecting mono components such as solo vocals, the company said.

A hearing-impaired mode adds a mild high-frequency boost and frequency-specific phase adjustment to enhance dialog clarity.