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Bazio Launches Flat-Panel Furniture & Stand Line

La Verne, Calif. — Bazio, a division of Kinfine USA, announced a line of furniture and stands engineered to hold a variety of flat-screen TVs and in-home multimedia systems.

The range of styles will be in 24 models that are mostly metal and glass. They will be available in black, high-gloss black, silver and merlot finishes, with some wood models available in black, dark oak and light oak finishes.

Retail offerings from Bazio will include 42-inch stands that are up to 44 inches wide and hold all 42-inch TVs, with a suggested retail range from $169 to $269. Bazio stands for 50-inch TV’s are up to 54 inches wide and have suggested retail pricing from $189 to $299. The 60-inch TV stands are up to 66 inches wide with prices from $229 to $329.

Delivery of new products to dealers and distributors are scheduled to begin this month.

The company said that it would be adding 72- and 84-inch stands, mostly in wood models, in the near future.

The B004M42 and the B004M50 are available in black or silver. The design features space for a flat-screen TV up to 50 inches and multiple accessory units, such as a cable box, DVR, tuner, CD or DVD unit. Suggested retails range from $199 to $249 for the B004M42, and $169 to $229 for the B004M50.

The B006M42 and B006M50 are available in black, merlot, silver and cherry. Suggested retails for the B006M42 range from $199 to $149, and $199 to $249 for the B006M50.

The B018W50 features a solid wood piece of cabinetry that is designed to provide a traditional look with glass windows in front of spacious room for accessories units. Suggested retails range from $269 to $329.

Finally, the B021M42 is a corner piece available in black and silver with “plenty of room for a large flat-screen TV on top and shelf space underneath for a wide variety of connected electronic devices,” said the company. Prices range from $199 to $249.