Barnes & Noble Debuts Lit Nook


New York - Barnes & Noble has introduced the Simple Touch Nook e-reader that can be read in the dark.

The Nook Simple Touch GlowLight retains the Nook's E Ink display, but adds an infrared touchscreen that has an adjustable light source. A company spokeswoman said the light is created by combining a light guide plate with a full lamination, anti-glare screen to create the first-ever evenly distributed illumination for reading in the dark

The Nook GlowLight is about 5 percent lighter than the original and has a $139 suggested retail. It is available for pre-order staring on April 13 and will be in stores by early May, the company said.

The nighttime reading ability was needed, BN said, as a study it conducted found 64 percent of people read in bed, and having to leave on the light disturbs the sleep of their partner.


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