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Autonomic Plans A/V Server With UltraViolet

Armonk, N.Y – Music-server supplier Autonomic will go to the CEDIA Expo to preview its first video-enabled server, which will feature UltraViolet and iTunes compatibility.

With iTunes compatibility, the server will sync with PC-stored movies downloaded from the iTunes store. With an UltraViolet license, the server will download purchased copy-protected movies from the Cloud for local storage to provide “reliable, uninterrupted playback” in the home, the company said. Once the content is downloaded, users will be able to stream that content from the UltraViolet locker service to PCs, tablets, smartphone and additional autonomic servers that a user might own in a second home.

The new server will distribute stored video to multiple rooms in a house when connected to distributed-A/V systems.

A ship date and price were unavailable.

Earlier this year, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Brothers teamed up with SanDisk and Western Digital to extend the UltraViolet digital content locker service to include purchased movie downloads that can be played back on home and mobile devices in up to 1080p resolution. UltraViolet started as a locker service that would enable purchasers of DVD and Blu-ray discs to stream a purchased disc-based movie to devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Like a current MMS-5A audio server, the MMS-5AV will distribute locally stored music and streamed Internet music services to multiple rooms when connected to a multi-room-audio system. The services are Pandora, Rhapsody, SiriusXM,, Spotify and TuneIn. Also like the current server, the new server will features AirPlay, enabling it to redirect music from an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and from a PC’s iTunes application to custom-installed speakers. It doesn’t, however, send server-stored content to AirPlay speakers.

 For locally stored music, the MMS-5A and the new server sync with a Mac, PC or network-attached storage device, then upload the songs to the cloud for automatic synchronization with other Mirage Media Servers at different locations and for offsite backup.