AT&T Reveals Android, Palm WebOS Plans

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DALLAS — AT&T outlined its smartphone roadmap, launching the Android based Motorola Backflip and announcing plans for four additional Android phones and two Palm WebOS-based phones later this year.

The carrier previously said it would offer phones with the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS late in the year.

In announcing plans to offer the Backfl ip on March 7 at $99 after $100 mailin promotion-card rebate, AT&T said the device would be its 11th phone with 7.2Mbps HSPA.

The Backflip features an unusual “reverse QWERTY flip” design. When folded shut, a 3.1-inch OLED touchscreen appears on one side of the device and a QWERTY keyboard appears on the reverse side.

The Backflip operates in 3G mode in AT&T’s 850/1,900MHz bands as well as in foreign 2.1GHz bands.


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