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ATP To Ship 4GB SD Card

Sunnyvale, Calif. — Flash-memory maker ATP announced that it will ship a 4GB SD card in the fourth quarter of this year, the highest capacity yet available for the diminutive memory format.

The company also announced a new line of high performance SD and MMCmicro cards called ProMax. The 4GB SD card will be featured in this new line.

ProMax SD cards, initially available in capacities to 2GB in July, feature a 133x transfer rate or a read speed of 20MBps and a write speed of 18MBps.

The new MMCmicro — a format introduced by Samsung and currently undergoing review by the MultiMediaCard Association — will be available in capacities up to 512MB and is geared for mobile phones, including the Samsung SCH-D730, SGH-D720, SPH-V7800, SCH-V770 and SPH-S3900.

The new cards will feature water, dust and ESD (electro-static discharge) protection and the ability to endure temperatures between –40C to 85C.