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Andrea Launches PC Audio Accessories

New York – Andrea
Electronics, an OEM developer of embedded PC audio technologies, rolled out a
new branded retail product line at the Consumer Electronics Association Line
Shows here this week, anchored by two new USB PC headsets for digital
communications applications.

The flagship NC-185
digital USB headset utilizes the company’s proprietary PureAudio Voice
Solutions software suite that is said to enhance intelligibility and audio
quality. It features in-line volume and mute controls and includes Andrea’s
USB-SA external digital sound card adapter that activates Andrea’s included
PureAudio software suite. The PureAudio suite provides users with built-in
features like echo cancellation, noise reduction, an equalizer and an audio

The software suite

* a noise-reduction
speech-enhancement algorithm to deliver high-fidelity sound quality and,
according to the company, significantly improve accuracy in speech-recognition
applications, especially in environments with significant ambient noise. The
algorithm also filters incoming audio stream and enhances its clarity;

* Andrea’s EchoStop full
duplex acoustic echo-cancellation algorithm, which enables echo-free VoIP
communications with simultaneous speaker broadcast and microphone transmission;

* Andrea’s
AudioCommander, which provides a PC-audio control panel for controlling
microphone and speaker volume, a 10-band graphic-equalizer with 18 built-in
presets, and PureAudio noise-reduction control to allow sound customization;

* VoiceCenter digital audio/voice
recording software that creates compressed WMA audio/voice files that can be
emailed or drag-and-dropped into applications that support audio functionality,
such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

The NC-185 has a
suggested retail of $54.95.

“The introduction
of our retail line empowers everyone to transform their PC audio
experience,” said Roland Nutter, product marketing director of the
Bohemia, N.Y.-based company. “Whether you are using VoIP, streaming video
from YouTube, using game chat or simply listening to music, Andrea’s products
will reduce the background noise, eliminate the echo and give you a studio-quality
audio experience.”

Also new is the
step-down NC-181 single-ear USB headset with PureAudio for $49.95.

The new line also
bundles a USB-SA adapter with a SuperBeam stereo Array 2s microphone. The Array
2S was designed to take advantage of Andrea DSDA beam forming audio-input
software that is said to reduce background noise and provide far-field speech accuracy
to enhance audio/video conferencing and continuous speech-recognition
applications. It retails for $49.95.