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Alpine Adds Four CD Decks With iPod Access

Alpine is shipping four 2008 CD receivers with a new iPod easy-access function.

The models have a feature that automatically divides an iPod’s music library into six groups that can be accessed through six buttons on the head units. The feature lets users jump to a section of their music instead of scrolling through each file.

The top-of-the-line Alpine CDA-9886 offers a high-speed iPod connection and control with a supplied cable. It can connect to an HD-Radio adapter, satellite radio and a Bluetooth adapter, and it works with USB flash drives and CD changers. It has three pairs of 4-volt pre-amp outputs and a built-in 18×4 watt RMS amplifier at a suggested price of $350.

The CDA-9884 has similar features with a dot-matrix LCD display and 2-volt pre-outs at a suggested $230. It is joined by the CDE-9874 ($180) with a front-panel auxiliary input to connect to an iPod and Bluetooth capability with an adaptor for both hands-free calling and streaming audio. Alpine’s new leader in the series is the CDE-9872 with a full-speed iPod connection and one pair of 2-volt pre-outs at a suggested price of $150.

Alpine’s optional KCE-300BT Bluetooth adapter has a suggested price of $220.