All-Weather Cams Charm Military

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How is the military channel doing with these all weather cameras? Is that a big segment with all the activity in the Middle East?

Mark Sherengo, Pentax:

  Huge.  It is huge.  Honest it's landed in our lap more than we actually pursued it.  Our PR for the W90 and its design and style capabilities and the fact that it has a green band helped us militarily just by getting a drop dead order for the products. I think it's helped us globally in the military.  But it's the 11th generation of this product, so I think everybody is starting to accept it, and we just happened to have a style that was accepted.  To be honest adding that little clip on the end of a camera... Who knew that would make a such a huge difference?  If you have an adventure camera, and you have a way to put it on a backpack and a way to put it on what you're climbing in Iraq - what a huge difference for a two-cent addition.

Ron Gazzola, Fujifilm:

  We've seen really good success there with a number of products, but our waterproof XP10 this year has done great, not only what the product can bring, not only that kind of active use lifestyle which obviously works well in that channel but we've also combined a great deal of marketing and packaging efforts, working with the marketing folks at the military channels to help deliver that product in a fashion that I think has worked really, really well.

Rich Campbell:

 They've certainly done a great job not only promoting products that might seem more specialized for that environment, but in also promoting and selling traditional cameras. We've done well with a number of products across the line with them.  It's always kind of a personal pleasure to be able to work with those guys. It's nice to be able to put programs and offers out to them. They're certainly going above and beyond for us and so we appreciate that opportunity to work with them, but they're consumers as well.  They know where to shop.  They spend time in the states.  They grew up here. They know all the retail stores.  They look at all the same web sites that an average customer does, and they're looking for the same things. We want to be able to provide them that resource to be able to buy it wherever they may be stationed and make it easier for them to have access to the same stuff that they would get at home.  It kind of gives them a sense of what home was like by being able to do that, so. 


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