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Imaging Execs See Profit Opportunities In Holidays

New York – Perhaps attesting to the beginning of the end of the
long-depressed economy, pockets of growth in better-featured digital cameras
this spring have manufacturers eager to capitalize on profit opportunities this
holiday season.

To explore this new optimism, TWICE convened some of the key
executives in leading camera companies for its annual Digital Imaging

What we found was somewhat surprising. Much of the industry’s
growth this year has come from the d-SLR category as more affluent second- and
third-time camera buyers make the step up to better-featured equipment.

Taking a cue from the TV industry, camera makers, too, are
looking to tap into the 3D craze with some of the first digital camera models
to deliver new levels of performance and simplicity of use from a decades-old
stereoscopic photographic technique.

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