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Acoustic Sounds Launches Major-Label DSD Music Downloads

Salina, Kan. – Audiophile recording company Acoustic Sounds launched a high-resolution music-download service.

Audiophile founder/CEO Chad Kassem described the service as the first to offer mainstream albums from major music companies in the Direct Stream Digital (DSD) format.

The DSD format is used on SACD discs and delivers 64 times more resolution than compact discs.

The company’s Super HiRez service, available on, currently offers 40 DSD albums at $24.98, the service’s website shows, and the company hopes to offer 200 to 300 by the end of the year. The current DSD albums include such albums as “August and Everything After” by Counting Crows, “Come Away with Me” by Norah Jones, “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane, “Tea for the Tillerman” by Cat Stevens, and Patsy Cline’s “Greatest Hits.”

The DSD albums, the company said, are “as close to the master recording as possible, with deeper bass, reduced distortion, and an overall higher dynamic range.

Other small labels offer their own DSD music for downloads, but the content is not mainstream like the Acoustic Sounds content, a spokesman noted.

The service, a division of Acoustic Sounds, also offers some of the DSD albums in the ALAC and FLAC formats at 44kHz/24-bit, 88kHz/24-bit and 176kHz/24-bit resolutions. Albums in the 176/24 FLAC and ALAC formats cost $24.98, and FLAC and ALAC albums at the lower resolutions are $17.98.

The service eventually plans to offer all DSD albums in the FLAC and ALAC formats but is concentrating on getting the DSD version up, said Acoustic Sounds COO Marc Sheforgen.

The 27-year-old company also produces vinyl and SACD recordings and original recordings. The company also owns its own record pressing plant and its own vinyl reissue label, Analogue Productions. It also owns an original production label, APO Records, and its own recording studio.